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Welcome to Home Tuition Classess Kota

I started "Home Tuition Classes" Services with a vision in mind. Not only did I want to help students attain their goals, I wanted students to learn study habits that would assist them in maintaining their goals. Problem solving and logical thinking is the key to a student's future achievements. I began tutoring students while I was pursuing my graduation. From the very start, it became apparent to me that quality tutoring was something more than just assisting students in their work: - study habits had to be improved. Furthermore, I recognized that students can more readily learn new habits at home where most of their studying takes place.

With this emphasis on helping students attain good grades and self confidence while improving their study skills, "Home Tuition Classes” was born. It is from this vision that "Home Tuition Classes" has become what it is today: - a reliable new way of tutoring that ensures success to students - all in the comfort at their home.

Mahavir Prasad (M.D)
(Home Tuition Classes,Kota)